Natural Insecticides

Natural insecticides are formed from materials which occur only in nature and are essentially unaffected for our use. Many natural products contain materials that are derived from plants, but numerous products may contain minerals. Natural and organic insecticides are not to be confused with one another. Depending on how the product was prepared, a natural product can be considered organic.

Organic Insecticides

Organic insecticides are produced in accordance with regulations set forth by “The Organic Act.” Similar to natural insecticides, organic insecticides are compiled of materials which only occur in nature and are unaffected for our use.

Environmentally Friendly Options

For Your Peace of Mind - Understanding natural and organic pest control

Today's society has placed a pronounced emphasis on using natural, organic, non-toxic or green products. Each of these terms can contain different meanings in the pest prevention industry. With Organic One Pest Prevention, a division of David’s Pest Pros, our goal is to use organic and natural pest prevention options, which are safe for you, your family and the environment.

Natural pest prevention options are quickly gaining popularity, allowing natural and organic products to not only be safer for you and the environment, but also prove to be as effective as traditional grade, chemically-based products. Organic pest prevention products offer an exceptional substitute to chemically-based pest prevention and are the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious customers. Organic One Pest Prevention uses 100% all-natural ingredients and focuses on protecting the health of people, pets and the environment.